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Hey lady love.

If you're craving some YOU time before the holidays to pause, unwind, recharge and BE before the hustle/bustle of the holidays and New Years..then check this OUT >>

Picture a quiet room for you to sit, relax, breathe and connect back to YOU: away from obligations from the outside world.

At the second women's circle (at Hoboken's premiere Yoga studio, Pavana Yoga) we'll have our 2nd Women's Circle where we will:

✨Honor and Close Out 2018: Pause to Actually Celebrate Your Wins (Big or Small)

✨Setting Feel-Good + Authentic Intentions For Yourself In 2019: That Make New Years Resolutions Much More Fun and Easy to Actually Stick to + Enjoy

✨Prep For Navigating The Holidays: Aka Time With The Fam--With Grace and Ease 

✨Experience Support, Empowerment And Genuine Connection With Other Women Who Are There To Do The Same 

✨And More!


What is a women's circle you ask? It's where women get together with others, form friendships, engage in genuine connections + set awesome intentions plus share in a safe, supportive environment. Who doesn't want a little-o-that! 

***Give yourself (or someone who you KNOW could use time for themselves) the gift of an afternoon to wash away the stress of December and set yourself up for an inspired end of the year and fresh start to 2019 in your career, biz, relationships, life!

Things to bring:


1. Your lovely self

2. Business cards

3. Paper and a pen

We have 6 spots left. Secure your spot here while tickets are still available.

Any Q? Email me at aliya.levinson@gmail.com 

Inspiring, Motivating, Comfortable, Welcoming! - Marti B.

Refreshing; Cozy; Thought-Provoking; Inspiring; Supportive - Kathryn L.

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Wishing you the happiest of holidays and here's to taking care of YOU!


Women's Circle, December