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Are you eager to kick start your business

and ditch your 9-5?


Are you eager to kick start your business

and ditch your 9-5?

Hi friend! I'm so thrilled you're here.

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✔ You are a new or emerging entrepreneur who is making under $3000 monthly in your business

✔ You are ready to attract ideal clients with authenticity and ease

✔ You want a clear-cut path and solid understanding of the right steps to take as new business owner, knowing exactly where to start, what your day-to-day tasks are, and how to prioritize biz-building activities for rapid success

✔ You’re ready to increase your confidence, own your personal power, and step more deeply into your role as a leader in your work

✔ You want to lay the groundwork to see quick successes in your business while setting up solid/ long term strategy you can rinse and repeat

✔ You’re eager for the personal and professional fulfillment that comes with setting yourself up for continued success and seeing yourself and your clients thrive

✔ You want to reach your income goals while empowering and helping make an immeasurable impact in your clients’ lives

✔ You may or may not have invested in a coach or business program before, but aren’t reaching your income goals, or haven’t seen the results you’re looking for

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Are you an emerging coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur who is...


  • Ready to create a high-income generating, passion fueled business that reflects who you are and what you love, but don't know where to start?


  • Frustrated with not knowing how to streamline your message and increase your visibility to attract a constant flow of ideal clients?


  • Eager to quit your dayjob, but want to implement tried and true systems and structures in your business to ensure it's continued profitability


  • Wondering if you've actually got what it takes to pull off this whole "entrepreneur" thing?

If your answer is “yes, yes, yes, and YES,” then welcome! I knew we'd find each other =)


My name is Aliya Levinson

and I help new and emerging female entrepreneurs struggling to get clients: finally nail their niche, master their marketing message, dominate sales conversations, and kick fear to the curb so they can consistently enroll dream clients, achieve 3K, 5K, or 10K plus months, and finally ditch their 9-5 .

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Do you dAyDream About

Being the go-to gal in your service-based industry?

Do you dAyDream About

Being the go-to gal in your service-based industry?


Generating Upwards of 5 figure months to support a lifestyle That includes more qT with family and friends, More traveling to your fav destinations, and more wining and dining without worrying if you can afford it?


Overflowing with passion every single day because you get to do exactly what you love? And fricking be well paid for it?!


Sounds dreamy, right? The reality is that it CAN be a reality. YOUR reality. And I want to show you how...



Because I know how intimidating starting a business can be. Feeling overwhelmed about the road ahead and lacking the clarity and direction you desire. Like there’s a race you have to run but you’re missing the roadmap. Feeling unsure about what hurdles you may have to leap or what direction you may have to turn. It might feel scary, or even impossible.


I get it. I’ve been there!

Maybe you look at other people’s websites and products and think “they’ve got it all figured out.” Let me tell you. No one is excluded when it comes to having worries and anxieties. It’s more than natural for fear to creep in. But letting fear sabotage your desire is the reason that 85% of entrepreneurs stop trying before they ever really start working towards creating a business they love.


So... how do you flip that statistic the bird instead Of Becoming a part of it?

You start accepting a few indisputable truths:

Truthbomb 1:


You weren’t designed to sit on the sidelines cheering on other people as they cross the finish line for the marathon you wanted to run in. You weren’t designed to flip on your autopilot button each morning and robot your way through life in an unfulfilling 9-5 job. R2D2 style.

Truthbomb 2:


You WERE designed to create, share your brilliance, and have other people benefit from your inspired ideas.

Why? Because…

Truthbomb 3:


You have a spark that’s made you shine bright like a diamond since before Rihanna put those words to music. And because people need what you have to give.



I'm talking to you!


I'm talking to you!

you funny, creative, dreamy work of art. 

YOU can be the CEO of your own bomb- ass company and moreso, you SHOULD be. (And I don't use the word "bomb-ass" on the regular). Because you know - deep down - that you're a gosh darn gem. A total diamond in the rough. You have gads of goodness to give, and there are SO many people out there waiting to receive it.


Stop embracing mediocrity.

When I finally chose to stop embracing mediocrity and accepting “welp, this works” as my status quo, my whole world changed. Because I finally told myself that my dreams mattered I invested in a high level coach, quit a job I was miserable in, and realized that making money did NOT have to be something that brought on fear… (would I? could I?). Thanks to coaching I upped my game to go after the things I really wanted: from giving seminars at Fortune 500 companies to making money enrolling clients that I love working with. (To learn more about moi click below!):


What would your life be like if you decided NOT to stay EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE. Till you're old and decrepit. And you start to rust. Ok maybe not that long, butcha catch ma drift...



How would your life change if you listened to that little voice in your head that tells you you’re meant for BIG THINGS? 

If you allowed that voice to say YES to choosing the path to financial freedom. YES to treating yourself to that shopping spree. YES to jet-setting to countries you've always wanted to travel to. YES to that part of yourself that knows you're meant for all that and a bag of chips...instead of accepting just "ok."


$10K+ months can become your norm, because YOU designed your business to generate that kind of income.



Fast results.

I’m all about fast results for my clients. That's why our program On Your Way to Your First $10K  is designed to support you in rapidly manifesting the type of wealth, high-end clientele, and passion-driven business you desire. I’m beyond confident that quick and lasting results can happen for your business, your lifestyle and you!  

You feel me?


Then take a step towards happy.

Because I have an inkling the reason you stumbled upon Aliya Levinson Coaching isn't purely coincidental. That part of you that wants to speak louder, strut your stuff, and let out your true badassery is starting to wonder "but what about me?"

Don’t put off becoming the woman you know you're meant to be. Don’t deny yourself the money, freedom, and excitement that you deserve any longer. Don’t look back and think “if only!” Your time to shine is….now.

Let’s do this!


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