-Interview With Aliya-

Congratulations on taking an incredible first step for yourself and seeking out a coach. Whatever you're going through, or whatever place you envision yourself reaching in your life/relationship/career, I believe that authentic success, fulfillment, connection, confidence -- it's all completely possible for you. I know this because client after client I've worked with has completely transformed their ability to achieve exactly what they want to: whether it's adding more clients into their own business rapidly, shifting their relationship with their husband or partner, seeing results in their career they simply didn't know how to achieve in the past, or honestly? Finding the confidence that will take them to the next incredible level. When we work together, you will be supported in a way that not many are used to: and where there's support, change, and results follow like crazy =).

Your happiness and ability to get what you want becomes just as much my goal as it is yours. That's the way we DO boo! And as you can tell, support, having fun, and true connection are just some of the tools I use. You are not alone. If this resonates with you, let's connect.

Plus! A little more about me....

Aliya is Licensed Master of Social Work from NYU, has a graduate MA in writing, is a Certified Professional Coach, and ELI-MP practitioner. She uses core energy coaching, ACT, CBT, + DBT and a variety of tools to support her clients. Aliya is also a Huffington Post Blogger who has run group programs, workshops, spoken at numerous events, and has helped dozens of women and men create incredible results and receive amazing support in their life.

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Can't wait to connect with you and help you RISE. Yes, you can. XO- Aliya



ASCEND - Life Coaching

This 6-month 1:1 coaching program is for individuals who are eager to shift one or multiple areas of their life (typically personally, professionally, or in their relationship, or desire to create a healthy intimate relationship + long-term friendships). They are ready to play a bigger game and are eager for the transformation that comes with that. They value working 1:1 to go deep and create desired results in their life, relationship, career, or business. In this program, we schedule 3, 45-minute coaching sessions per month, with a break on the 4th week for implementation. You’ll receive recommended assignments, video tutorials, book suggestions, and other pertinent resources as needed along the way. You also get access to all training materials within other programs that are created. This is the most popular program and is primed to help you achieve the transformation you’re seeking in your career/ relationship/ personal life/ finances, etc.


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