Usually when we say 'sending love your way' it's because someone is sick, unhappy, or god-forbid knows someone who passed away.

But why don't we send love, just to send love? 

I know I never have so much love in my life that I'm like "NO MORE! I CAN'T TAKE IT! Ugh, so much kindness and goodness- it's so unfair!" 


Yet so often we're impressed with something someone does...

Or want to reach out to someone we feel needs our help...

And we don't. We stay inside our little box.

Because we
-Don't want to come on too strong
-Wonder what "others" may think
-Don't have time or energy
***Insert your excuse of choice here ;) ***

Imagine a world where everyone around you was eager to help one another.
Not just pretending to care, or caring for some ulterior motive..but REALLY CARING.

Where everyone wanted each other to succeed
Where everyone was truly, TRULY rooting for the other persons' happiness.
Take a second and REALLY picture it.

Imagine if those tools were ones you could use in your own business.

I use those tools to attract and convert clients ALL THE TIME.

In fact, they're about the only tools I use.

And I sure as HEC didn't learn them from an ebook. 

It find it so funny that we feel we need to do a song and dance.
Be a fricking EXPERT of all experts
Know everything and then some about:
-Building a biz

In order to get people to pay attention.

Like "But I know ALL the cutting edge facts about webinars! All of em! Hire me bitches!!!" 

I find it even MORE interesting that I used to be that person!

I SO DID ladylove.

I thought I needed to know everything about everything, have the perfect timing, delivery, and ALL THE FACTS for people to buy from me.

It was SO much fun trying to be absolutely perfect and the expert of all subjects at all times!!! >>> RE: NOT!!! <<

The truth is, when I look back even to last year I realize the times people purchased my offerings and enrolled into my programs were the times I was giving the most LOVE.

Not being a perfect, encyclopedia robot version of myself (check out some of my old videos- I've definitely been that person before)!

But just being ME. Imperfections and all. 

What would it be like to let go of every fricking wall we've built up over the years every time someone told us we're:

-too loud
-too quiet
-too weird
-too dull
-too fat
-too thin
-too soft-spoken
-too overbearing
-too different
-too old
-too young
-too ugly
-too pretty
-too US.


Be you. Whatever it is, it's right.

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