This past Sunday, my fiancé Mike and I spent from 11am -6pm at Bloomingdales, registering for our wedding. 

(In case you didn't know, I'm getting married at the end of this summer to my best friend Mike). YAY!

Now, I had been looking forward to the process of walking through Bloomies, checking out dishware, and giftware, and all that jazz...


I was given MANY-a-warning before we went to the store.

Girlfriends of mine told me that they themselves had gotten into many-an-argument with their future hubbies during the registry process, and that the only "redeeming" part of the experience was "getting to use one of those scanning guns."

(I agree, that was TOTALLY fun).

After about 3-4 "horror" stories, I began to think "hmm. It seems like it's an inevitability that you and your sig other will get into a fight while registering" 

And then...."will Mike and I get into a fight too?"

I decided I didn't want to leave it to chance.

I not only wanted to make NOT FIGHTING  a priority, I wanted to make it a GIVEN.

Now, I'm not a psychic and can't predict the future.
But I do know a thing or two about setting an intention.
So I set one:

That we wouldn't fight.✓
We wouldn't argue.✓
We would have a great experience AND look forward to coming back and finishing what we didn't get to.✓

I reitterated my intention to Mike. Told him what I needed to make that happen and asked him to do the same.

We set out to have a great and enjoyable day.

And that's EXACTLY what happened.

Now I'm NOT saying I'm some magic person who things just effortlessly happen for. (I'm not).
Who I am though is someone who believes in the power of discovering what it is you want, asking for what you need, and making your desires a non-negotiable. 

I didn't even always used to be that way, but I realized that when you make a decision and set out to accomplish that goal, if you have no questions or doubts about whether or not you'll ACTUALLY get it done or see that thing materialize....


In my last few emails I've talked a lot about sales for heart-centered entrepreneurs.
What it REALLY means to sell.
How to have a money-mindset that serves you AND others.

If you DECIDE to make "selling" something that DOESN'T feel sleazy
That DOESN'T feel awkward
Or make you feel like a fraud

If you decide to turn "sales" from mandatory evil or frenemy into a friend.

Then you WILL succeed at it.
Feel great at it.
And even (dare I say it)....LOVE the process of sales.

Because sales and money mindset is really just learning to:

Love yourself
What you're offering
And love OTHERS enough to fight for them to give themselves the GIFT of what they really want.

How do you make achieving your goals (sales related or otherwise) a fricking GIVEN, so you and your future clients can fricking SOAR?

Check out the video above and share your comments below!!

PS. When you set an intention...AMAZING things can happen! 

We had SO much fun with the amazing associate Beverly who helped us register, that she decided to gift us this free picture frame!

(One might say we manifested it. I say we MADE it happen. It was just a lovely biproduct of being fierce about our intentions). 

And now it's sitting in our living room. YAY!