2 Ways To View Obstacles


2 Ways To View Obstacles

Over the 4th of July Mike and I went to Hudson Valley on a little getaway.

We stopped by Storm King Art Center...have you heard of it?

It's a huge outdoor park with ginormous sculptures.

I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area.


We came across this one sculpture and the first thing I thought was: that thing looks totally menacing, like it could fall right down on top of me!

The first thing Mike thought was...


Escaping Your Comfort Zone: The How


Escaping Your Comfort Zone: The How

Can I tell you a mini story?

Ok, so about 2 years ago I was speaking with this woman who wanted to work together on her business.

She said here was something HUGE stopping her though...

This part of her identity that she couldn't escape...

That would "obviously" ultimately prevent her from being successful >>

"What is it?" I asked...

"I'm....LAZY" she said in a joking but also serious way and started to laugh.

I laughed right back with her before sharing a truth of my own:

"Girl....guess what. I'm ………>>>>>


You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Make Money


You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Make Money

I read a quote the other day that REALLY stuck with me:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so certain of themselves yet wiser people are full of doubts - Bertrand Russel.

Let's be honest. We're all wise and we're all foolish. All humans have it all.

But...his point around those that are wise being held back by doubts?

That was like a TRUTH that hit me hard.

I've met so many really wise, thoughtful, compassionate, interesting solopreneurs...

That are waiting for things to be 'perfect' before they can really put themselves 'out there.'

Before they're ready to bring on clients, make money, go LIVE on video.

Or, before they're ready to finally say YES to themselves and do the thing they REALLY want to do.

Like switch their niche, or start public speaking, or put the next business in place...

That thing that really makes their heart sing.

Instead, we'll say all those things like...

"We'll first I need to.....


How To Use Self-Doubt To Your Advantage


How To Use Self-Doubt To Your Advantage

Looking back through the trajectory of my coaching career there were so SO many times I metaphorically didn't touch my head to my knee.




I didn't commit.

I didn't keep going.

I didn't take action.

Because I knew the action would be uncomfortable.

And I didn't want the discomfort.

But what I realized is...

Standing there.

Not stretching.

Not moving.

Not leaping.

Or even stepping.

Or even simply thinking about what it would look like to step.

All of that?

Was JUST >>>


How To Use Love To Bring On Clients


How To Use Love To Bring On Clients

Hi boo boo.

I have a secret for you!

You know how when we THINK....

This isn't happening...

I'm not attracting clients...

I'm not cut out for this...

I can't do this whole "business thing"

We just so 'happen' to:

Not attract clients 

Feel "not cut out for this"

Sense that we can't do this whole "business thing."

Weird, right?! ;)

Or...not so much.

Ya see...our results come directly from >>


How To Claim Your Personal Power


How To Claim Your Personal Power

The other day I had 2 appointments that got cancelled last minute.

I had gotten up early, gotten dressed, ready and out the door, only to find out my first meeting had been cancelled.

I had this knee-jerk reaction of anger and disappointment.

I felt like another person's decision to cancel was dictating my day, and now my morning was thrown off.

It felt bad.

I felt bad. 

Then I literally and figuratively woke up a little bit.

I realized there was an entirely different way I could be thinking about things: one that was actually new, fresh, meaningful and allowed ME to take my day back into my own hands.

With all the other experiences I would have that day...

Making THIS more empowered choice >>


How To Be More YOU In Your Business


How To Be More YOU In Your Business

I think sometimes as service-providers we can feel like we need to compromise who we are in order to make our business "work."

Like, to attract the right clients.

Or put out the right marketing.

Or have successful sales calls.

We need to create this totally different persona that leaves us feeling less than authentic.

The catch is, when you're engaged in a sales conversation...

Or creating a video...

Or writing something that doesn't feel authentic or YOU...


2 Key Steps To Confident Sales


2 Key Steps To Confident Sales

Estée Lauder once said, "I've never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something I sell it, and sell it hard."

If you're like "that's cool and all Estée, but you own a gazillion dollar company & I'm over here in just trying to intelligently respond to objections…" then read on sweet friend.

I used to hate, hate, HATE selling, sales, and anything that required me sharing the price of my program.

Even though I read everything I could get my hands on about 'closing the sale' and 'properly pricing your program' it seems like I'd always end the sales call simply crossing my fingers and hoping that "this time" something went right.

What I realized is this:

The secret behind sales isn't learning yet another way to respond to objections or communicate the value of your program. 

The secret comes down to  >>


How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Enroll Paying Clients!


How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Enroll Paying Clients!

It's official! Mike and I officially moved to Hoboken.

Are there boxes everywhere? Yep!

Do I have zero idea how to get to the grocery store? Checkity, check!

But...it's the best disarray I could possibly ask for.

Our apartment is spacious and airy and bright, and it feels so good to be in.

Aighttt, let me get to the point!

I want to share this video with you about how to get out of your own way and enroll paying clients.


Generate Leads Using Facebook


Generate Leads Using Facebook

My love! Here's what's up.

Let's talk social media and you.

Social media: the Facebooking, Instagramming, LinkedIn-ing...it can feel like a tough nut to crack.

Like -- how do people really leverage social media to connect with real, awesome, clients who are in need of their services?

Putting strategy aside for point 2, if we really think about it, social media is your key into thousands, millions of people.


And the fact that you have something special to offer, added to your ability to reach people you never would've imagined?

The possibilities are endless. Truly endless and real.

But let's be honest. With everything you already have on your plate in trying to get your business up and running, and bringing on clients, where do you start?

And how?