Seems like a simple enough idea, right? 

Mmm, not so much, actually. Why?

>>Because SO many of us DON’T REALLY BELIEVE IT.<<

We don’t believe people actually like spending money.

In fact, most of us believe people HATE spending money.

So “what’s the harm in that?!” you ask?

Well, if we BELIEVE our prospects are reluctant to invest, our prospects will indeed be reluctant to invest. #ItsTheLawOfAttraction

AND on the flip side, if we believe our prospects are eager to invest, our prospects in fact become eager to invest!  YES. This is the TRUTH.

When I REALLY realized what this means, I TOTES did a happy dance (for like 15 minutes by myself in my house #noshame) 🏼

Because! It meant, if I just focus on addressing MY OWN OBJECTIONS when it comes to:

spending money
knowing the TRUE value of my offering
believing I truly have something transformative and great to give to the world

….then--by changing my OWN beliefs-- I'm going to attract clients who are ready, willing, and open to changing theirs.

Clients who are willing to invest, ready to transform, and eager as HEC to work with you.

***mind-blowing, right?!***

I've seen this happen again and AGAIN.

It sounds complicated. It doesn’t have to be.



Here’s the #1 way to start:

BE SELF-ASSURED: You’ve got an amazing offering or program. Or perhaps you’re on your way to creating one. The absolute BEST thing you can do to make sure your product sells, and ensure your prospects see the value in it, it to see the value of it yourself. What does it mean to see the value of your offering? It means to think of it like an $100 bill.

If you were offering an $100 bill to someone, and they said “mmm, no thanks I don’t want that” you’d (obviously) be like “What?! It’s $100 dollars! This is highly valuable, take it!”” Think of your program the SAME way. If you can’t be as assured in the value of your program as you are in that $100 bill, you’ve got some work to do (which is TOTES ok, but be sure to actually DO it)!

Want to know how to address your own objections and blocks so you can effortlessly banish your prospects' objections and blocks to purchasing what it is you're selling?!

Check out yesterday's livestream above and ENJOY!