Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hey Boo!

Today, my husband Mike and I are going to look for couches for our new apartment in Hoboken!

Being from Chicago, I never thought I'd hear myself say I'm moving to New Jersey (...but lesson learned....never say NEVER)!


As we're moving, we've been getting rid of old stuff that just doesn't feel GOOD anymore.

And I've been thinking about the idea of starting fresh - and what that really means.

I realized that acquiring things that simply feel GOOD - AKA our new couch, also requires actually recognizing and getting rid of what doesn't work.

And doing something about it.

That includes things you're perhaps inadvertently saying "yes" to, even though you don't really want them.

I'm talking thoughts, ideas, people, even identities that need to be shed in order to move into something bigger.


More connected to the truth of who you REALLY are.

Let's clean house on some of the thoughts that might not be working when it comes to making your life and biz beautiful.


And most of all, fulfilling.

There are 3 mindset shifts I want to share with you when it comes to booking paying clients.

If you've been sharing your gifts for free...

Or are eager to start working with people who truly value the work that you do (and you)! and are ready to be paid for it...

Then this video is for you.

Check it out by clicking below.


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