Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!





When I used to think about "selling," whether through:

👉direct messaging people and offering to hop on a call with them
👉 or promoting my latest offering in Facebook groups

I used to be UBER afraid of IRRITATING people.

I pictured everyone thinking: "Ugh. This girl just wants to SELL me"
OR "there goes Aliya again, waving her 'buy me, buy me!' flag!"

We've all gotten the: friend request > immediate FB message- "Hey, you totally should buy my product you know NOTHING about. In fact, I'm not even sure you need it! Haha! Anyway, here's a link to my PayPal!"

I SO didn't want to be that girl.

Here's what I realized...

Selling only feels sleazy if:
👉1. We don't fully believe in our product/serving or...
👉2. We feel like we're PUSHING something on someone.

Let's address #2 through the wisdom of our new friend Larry Ferlazzo (the gentlemen quoted to the right! >> 

✨Good ol' Lar points out that sales ISN'T ABOUT IRRITATING/PUSHING someone, but rather AGITATING OR MAKING THEM AWARE of how important it is to address that thing--i.e. transforming their mindset, getting new clients, losing weight--that they truly, deep down, WANT to do.✨






So! That means in order NOT to be
😬 pushy
😬 irritating
😬 or downright annoying...

We simply need to KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT OUR PROSPECT to be able to AGITATE them to make a great decision for themselves and go after that thing they really want

Which means...drumroll please...

In order to have sleaze-free, confident sales, we only need to start with something super duper simple:

#1. Believing in our product.
#2. CONNECTION with our prospects

That's it!

What are your thoughts/feelings/concerns when it comes to sales/connecting with prospects! Tell a sista in the comments =)