Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

When I was growing up, I was never the girl who raised her hand in class.

I was always too shy to speak up in front of a classroom of my peers.

Too fearful of possibly answering the question incorrectly.

SO...I'd just sit pretty in at my desk and listen to all the other kids who did raise their hands get chosen to answer the teacher's question.

When I look back at that girl I want to give her a HUGE hug.

Tell her that she is BEYOND capable of sharing what she knows.
That NOT sharing would be a detriment to those around her who could learn from her.

Today I absolutely still could've been that girl.

I never HAD to put myself out their online.
Never HAD to start this business.
Never HAD to start a FB group, send out emails, and bear my heart and soul to the world.

But had I not?

I would NEVER have experienced working with clients who've changed me as much as they tell me I've helped them change themselves.

I'd never have known that I could actually be confident enough to get on video in front of potentially thousands of viewers... (yes ME, that same shy schoolgirl).

I'd never hear feedback from family and friends who decided to open up and ask for help on their OWN vulnerabilities, because I decided to step it UP and share mine.

AND! I'd never be fulfilling my passion every day, running my business by being ME.

Last weekend I was selected to coach at The World Happiness Summit in Miami and had the fricking time of my life.

One reason being: because there were so many moments when I decided to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.

One such moment was when I saw the opportunity to meet Shawn Achor: author of The Happiness Advantage who was recently interviewed by Oprah!

Shawn was standing by the main stage at the summit, before all the events that day had kicked off.

I saw him at the front of the room, speaking to a couple of people, and I thought to myself, "Aliya, you BETTER go connect with him:"

1. Because why the HEC NOT.
2. To simply challenge myself to do something I wasn't 100% comfortable with.

I decided I'd tell him how much I love his work and also see if he'd mind taking a quick photo with me.

So! Although I do get somewhat nervous approaching people (especially those that have recently shaken Oprah's hand) I shook off my fears, and made my way to the stage.

On my way up I met this amazing woman who stopped me and asked "Hey, are you going up to meet Shawn? Do you mind taking my photo with him too?"

I of course replied "Yes, of course!" and then I had a partner in crime.

We both finally got up to Shawn who was just starting to walk away, when I mustered some courage, pat him on his shoulder, and stopped him and did my whole "I love you, will you grab a quick photo with my friend and I?!" speech. 

And he of course responded with a huge OF COURSE.

Ladylove, because I decided NOT to listen to my fears, I ended up not only chatting it up with Shawn fricking Achor, but also, got to know that incredible woman who also went up to meet Shawn.

She is starting a happiness app and is interviewing Robert Di Nero next month about it. How cool is thatttttttt.

She's since asked me if I'd like to do a project together...to which my response was (in so many words) "YUP!"


Decided to get out of my chair and stop letting my fears direct me.

One little decision can lead you places you'd never imagine

If you DON'T take things for granted.
If you recognize blessings and opportunities.
If you stop listening to your fears.

What will YOU choose to do for yourself today, friend?

Let's begin with this: 

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