Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Yesterday I was in a bikram yoga class.

If you've never heard of bikram before, it's a hot yoga class with 26 different postures.

One of which is called 'standing head to knee.'

It looks like it sounds.

You stand on one leg.

Cup the foot of the other leg in your hands

And raise that leg so it's parallel to the ground in the air.

The real kicker...

No pun intended...

Is that your head must touch your knee.

Now, I've practiced bikram yoga on and off for years.

And let me tell you...

By the time you get to this posture, you are...



You've already put in so much effort.

You've already done so many moves.

So if you really wanted to...

You could just stand there and not raise your leg.

I mean, no one REALLY notices.

You could just pause for a minute...

Catch your breath.

Think about what you're doing later.

What you're having for dinner!


If you don't raise your leg....

If you don't touch your head to your knee...

If you don't move through the discomfort...

If you don't keep going...

You don't get any of the benefits of the posture.

You don't reap the rewards of the stretch.

You don't learn how to go deeper into the pose.

You don't become more flexible.

You don't...grow.

In looking back through the trajectory of my coaching career there were so SO many times I metaphorically didn't touch my head to my knee.




I didn't commit.

I didn't keep going.

I didn't take action.

Because I knew the action would be uncomfortable.

And I didn't want the discomfort.

But what I realized is...

Standing there.

Not stretching.

Not moving.

Not leaping.

Or even stepping.

Or even simply thinking about what it would look like to step.

All of that?

Was JUST as fricking uncomfortable.

Was it a discomfort I was familiar with?


Was one I wanted to stay in forever...forevah, evah?

Hec no.

It's about moving forward and embracing the unknown.

It's about recognizing the "I'm not sure if this will work" and doing it anyway.

It's about the believing.

Because even if you can't get your head to your knee.

At least you stretched yourself.

At least you're that much closer.

Let me share 3 tips for getting to where you want to go by embracing the discomfort and acting "as it!"

 DECIDE what the YOU who already has the successful yoga practice, the booming coaching business, the sold-out retreats, the income you desire would do. 

2. TAKE ACTION from that place. This means delving into the mindset of the 'you' in the future. What would you be thinking? What sort of decisions would you be making? What would you do in the face of uncertainty? How would you approach a potential obstacle? How would you share love with both yourself and others around you? How would you stay consistent with your goals? 

3. REMEMBER (and understand) that discomfort is a feeling. A feeling? Is only a vibration in your body (<< I know, right?!) A simple vibration. A physical sensation! Can you choose to feel it and still move forward? Can you willingly embrace that feeling, even for a minute or more? Practice sitting in the feeling. Feeling the feeling. The discomfort. Note to self! It's only a physical sensation. 

That's all for now. Rooting for you.


XX - Aliya

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Believing in you my friend!


Head to knee ;)

XX - A



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