Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Stress and BFF.

Are those two words even ALLOWED in the same sentence?!


In fact, when you make stress your friend, you become less stressed out.

Lemme 'spain ;)

As women entrepreneurs, we all know that building a business brings up a LOT.

Learning different systems.

Taking care of different people.

Putting ourselves out there. Again and again.


Having expectations of ourselves and others.

Having deadlines met, and having deadlines no where near met.

Technology roadbumps.

Mindset blocks.

If you've spent a day or more in business (or a day or more being a human on this planet) you've most likely been through at least ONE of the above.  

But here's what's UP!!! >>

Often times we view all of those 'pesky obstacles' as JUST THAT.


Things that delay the results we're looking for.

Things that leave us frustrated, exhausted, burnt out.

Or leave us questioning ourselves, our abilities, and our capacity to achieve what we want.

The truth is:

The less we view all those nitty gritty experiences as OBSTACLES

And the more we view them as OPPORTUNITIES

The more fulfilling, even--dare I say it--REWARDING the "bad experiences" become.

Bare with me here while I break it down like a 90's rapper =)

The more you can find the positive in even the quote unquote BAD experiences, the more likely you'll manifest what you want into your life and business WAY faster than you ever imagined.

It's more than just trying to look at the glass as half full.

Or pretending you're unaffected by overwhelming situations.

Check out the video below to find out why those seemingly annoying, blood-boiling, hair-raising tasks that we all go through as entrepreneurs are actually the key to some of your biggest wins ⬇

Here's the THANG! As humans: aka YOU, the person reading this blog...our natural inclination is to want to combat stress. We do that by denying, avoiding, overworking, burning out, worrying, fearing, and procrastinating. Here's what you can do instead: 


  • Identify the cause of the perceived stress you're feeling. Too much on your plate? Not enough time? Reality not meeting your expectations? Jot down whatever that thing is. Whatever the actual SENTENCE is that's causing you stress: "I'm not good at selling" "I'm not sure who my target audience really is." "Is my social media marketing plan really working?"


  • Don't fight the feeling...feel INTO IT. What does the overwhelm physically feel like? What does the worry feel like? Is it a racing heart? Sweaty palms? Name the physical sensation and feel into it. I promise you there's IS a physical sensation associated with whatever sentence you chose. What is that feeling? Have you ever felt that physical sensation before?  Pay attention to your ability to handle it. Yes. You can handle it. You CAN deal with the sensation. In fact, I bet you're pretty darn good at it. Observe yourself feeling the feeling. No judgements. Just observation. *****Now that you know you can get through this PHYSICAL FEELING, you know that you can get through ANY FEELING. HELLO FREEDOM!!!!


  • Ask yourself what growth you're having by experiencing this thought. This situation. This feeling. How is this helping develop you as a person? No, you're not going to WANT to answer, or even THINK about this question. Because you're too mad, or overwhelmed, or upset. But remember. That OVERWHELM and UPSET is just a thought + a feeling. Embrace that total observation mode--not just being at the EFFECT of your feelings, but actually OBSERVING them. Having COMPASSION for them. Acknowledging them and NOT making them wrong or right. They're neutral until you decide to make them the TRUTH. Or END ALL. But PSST! (They're rarely are)


When you can do that...REAL growth will occur.

That's how you get to know yourself.

And when you know yourself: growth occurs.

The ability to see stress and think "BRING IT!!!" occurs.

When you can step outside of yourself and actually observe...

you. can. handle. ANYTHING.

And when you can handle anything...get ready to watch your biz EXPLODE. Your life explode. Your biggest dreams and desires MANI-fricking-FEST.

Any feeling that comes up? HANDLED.

And worry that comes your way? UNBOTHERED.

How does that sound, friend? ;)  

Try it out, have compassion for yourself, and let me know in the comments how it goes!

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