Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Throughout Junior High, High School, College, my twenties and yes, even into my 30's the fear of judgement plagued me.

I was so worried about others accepting me.

So fearful that they wouldn't.

So I did a lot to ensure I would "fit in."

Laughed at jokes I didn't necessarily find funny.

Smiled and nodded even when I didn't agree.

I spent so much time being afraid to be "against the grain" that I made certain I wasn't.

Never SAYING anything too outlandish...
Never BEING anything too outlandish...
Never WEARING anything too outlandish... (ok actually, I loveeee clothes that are DIFFERENT and special, so no, I didn't compromise myself there).


The needing to be a part of the "in crowd" (whatever the HEC that means)

Was a REAL desire for me.


Midway through building my business online...

I realized:

The ease...

That I found from feeling like I FIT IN
No longer felt as



and relieving.

In fact, the: 

Making sure I said the "right" things online!
Trying to fit into the bubble of what seemed "acceptable"
Sharing content I thought everyone wanted.

It ALL FELT THE EXACT OPPOSITE of peaceful, or exciting to me.

In all honesty...

It was fricking STRESSFUL.

BORING even...

And was doing a HEC of a job making me anxious.

That's what happens when we compromise our TRUE selves.

When we hide.

Or try to be a daffodil when really...we're a GOSH DARN ROSE. 

In trying to protect myself from the "pain" of not being accepted or validated by others, I realized that...

I was not accepting or validating myself.

Have you ever felt like that?

Like you've been trying to do "all the right things"...

In your relationship? 


Or in your business?

Or like you've been trying to satisfy everyone else's expectations?

And where at one point you would've found doing THAT satisfying...

It now feels less than good?

If so, I have a training that's right up your alley.

It's about alignment with your TRUEST self.

But moreso, it's about understanding (on a pretty DEEP level pretty darn quickly)...

How to SHIFT YOUR THINKING TO PROVIDE THE RESULTS you...yes YOU (not your mother, or father, or kid sister) wants most.

(Who says "kid sister?!" Me, apparently...)

Just click here , enter your name and email and you'll be all set to receive the FREE video training immediately!

Alignment. Clarity. Connection. Purpose. And BIG TIME SHIFTS quick as 1, 2, 3 are inside.

The AMAZING part of running an online business is:

You must start with you.

Your needs.

Your desires.

Your thoughts.

You can still speak your inner truth as you grow your audience and fanbase.

In fact...you'll attract the RIGHT people by doing it that way.

Your way. 

PSS: This training is the EXACT opposite of: 

Think positive thoughts and you'll see success!

Do affirmations and you'll make money!

This is an easy, mathematical equation, or rather, mindset formula for success.

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