Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!


To tell you the god-honest truth, I was avoiding doing LIVE videos from my business page on Facebook for awhile now.

A lot of my friends from various non-coach related realms of life are connected to my business page and I've always had this little fear about their reactions to the content I put out.

But then I realized...

That's just a THOUGHT I'm having.

One that I'm choosing to think.

And I was tired of choosing it.

It's funny just HOW much our own thoughts can hold us back. 

And so many times we get stuck in patterns of thinking that do absolutely NO GOOD for us.

But we cling to what we know because what we know is comfortable.

The funny part is though...

What we consider UNCOMFORTABLE:

Whether it's:

-promoting our latest program
-posting in Facebook groups
-getting on LIVE video from our business page (for example ;) )

...are things that become 10 times easier to do when we REALLY understand the ILLOGICAL part of not doing these tasks.

The fact that we hold ourselves back honestly makes ZERO sense and in this video we chat about:

1. The ease that we could be doing the things we're avoiding (we tend to make things EXTRA hard for ourselves, don't we)
2. The BEST WAY to rethink comfort >> to be the kick-in-the-pants you need to get going.

Just click HERE to be taken to my business page and to watch the video. It looks like photo below.

I'm someone who is a big fan of comfort.
        -Netflix and a Hershey bar after a long day
        -comfortable friendships that feel good
But what I considered either "comfortable" or "uncomfortable" used to be just flat out ILLOGICAL.
And once I realized the block that was keeping me from actively CHOOSING discomfort in order to accomplish something great...
Anxiety lessened.
Tension eased.
This LIVE video (10 mins) really brings this idea home. (it's about halfway down the page and looks like the above photo) =)

Plus, it was one of my most popular videos to date!
(And the funny thing about that is, I was sitting comfortably on my couch at the time, not knowing whether or not to just get up and make it). 

I'm so glad I did!

So! Be sure to like my biz page (if you're into the video) because they'll be lots more content coming your way and I don't want you to miss out.

That's about it, ! What are you up to this Saturday? Mike and I are about to go shop for a tux for him for our wedding...EEEEEEE!

Whatever you're doing today, ENJOY it.

AND PPS... If you're feeling UP to it...today I challenge you to do one, little TINY something that makes you uncomfortable (in biz or in life). You might just surprise yourself with how NOT A BIG DEAL it truly is. X