As a business owner, it feels as though everything falls on your shoulders.

You are obviously the face, the voice and the mastermind behind your business.

And, the to-do list is NEVERENDING!

It becomes all too easy to be consumed by the business.

And! SO many times (especially as you're starting to grow) you feel like, in order for your business to succeed, you have to commit to every opportunity that comes your way.

(Um, I know I've been there for SURE)!

Before you know it, your business starts to take over your life.

Filling every minute of every day.

Leaving you feeling a major void.

You’re missing the things that energize you. The things that fulfill you.

You’re missing out on the parts of life that make you feel alive.

SO the opposite of FUN! And that's such a big part of why we get into business in the first place! To do things OUR WAY.

Here's the thing....

Success is dependent on you.

But, not just you completing business work.

The success of your business is dependent on your personal well-being, too.

So, as you build your business, take time to pause.

Make an effort to schedule time for personal work.

You know--those things that make you feel energized. Feel fulfilled. And, feel alive.

I KNOW! Completely easier said than done, right?

Ok. It may not be easy, but... it’s necessary to bridge your business and personal life.

Because the truth is....

When you feel personally fulfilled??

That's when you can give energy--the good uplifting, flowy, successful, get-it-done in a feel-good way (that actually works) type of energy to building your business!

Yes, and YES! do you do it?

→ Assess What Matters To You Personally: What are the things that bring you fulfillment? The things that make you feel alive?

Meditation? Journalling? Going for a hike or walk in the park? Coffee with friends? ← All those things are important.

They leave you refreshed, re-energized, and ready to be the force behind your business.

And, it’s necessary to make time for them.

Not just for your business, but also to ensure that you’re living the well-rounded, fulling life you deserve!

→ Block Time: Be intentional about how you schedule your time.

Block time to complete the tasks that are integral to the success of your biz.

But, don’t forget to block the time for your personal work -- all those things that leave you feeling fulfilled and alive.

They are just as important to your success as the tasks for your business.

You can’t give your all to your business if you don’t have the energy to do it.

So block the time for yourself! Refresh and energize!

→ Stick To It: Stay committed to the time you’ve scheduled for business AND personal work.

Prioritize your business tasks so you’re meeting your goals….

But, allow yourself the freedom to let go of the need to take on everything. Focus on the actions that specifically lead to achieving your goals.

And, remain equally committed to the time you’ve blocked for your personal work.


Friend! >> Think of it as a holistic approach to ensure you’re achieving your business goals, but also taking care of yourself and living the life you deserve.

Because the truth is...your personal success and well-being leads to your business success.

They go hand-in-hand, suga!

Feeling consumed by the business work, but want to find a more holistic approach?

Book a call with me here. I’d love to chat about strategies that are working for me and my clients to block the time necessary for personal work.


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