Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Over the 4th of July Mike and I went to Hudson Valley on a little getaway.

We stopped by Storm King Art Center...have you heard of it?

It's a huge outdoor park with ginormous sculptures.

I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area.


We came across this one sculpture and the first thing I thought was: that thing looks totally menacing, like it could fall right down on top of me!

The first thing Mike thought was...I got this.

See photos below!

I found it SO fascinating.

How is it possible that one sculpture...




Can elicit such different reactions in people?

How is it that some people rise to the challenge while others get nervous?

That some get excited while others worry?

What I've learned is...

It's not the actual THING that causes you frustration, or worry, or excitement...

It's your THOUGHTS about the THING.

Your beliefs about it.

About yourself in relationship to it.

When I say "THING" it doesn't necessarily have to be a 50 foot sculpture in the middle of a park in New York.

The "THING" can be your relationship, the upcoming speaking gig, the project, the confrontation, the negotiation, the income goal, the business partner, the LIVE video.

The way you might be inclined to label it: as scary, menacing, positive, awesome, challenging, exciting, dreadful, enlivening.

What's cool though, is...

YOU'RE the one labeling the thing.


Which means that YOU'RE also the one who can actively decide what you WANT to feel about that thing.

At ANY time.

So, let's start here >>

Instead of judging yourself for reacting the way you do...

Instead of saying why was I immediately intimidated by an inanimate sculpture and my husband was ready to hold the damn thing up himself?! ;)

Get curious about your reactions.

And decide whether you want to keep 'em.

Whether or not they're actually serving your highest interest.

Because the truth is...

Every obstacle may actually be an opportunity for you.

An occasion for you to grow.

To rise.

Instead of being something menacing...

It might just be something you can go right up to...

Stand firmly in your knowing....

A "block" you can stare square in the face and say...


I got it.

That’s all for now, boo! As always, in your corner

XOXO -Aliya

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