Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi, I'm Aliya!

Hi blog-reader/FRIEND!

Can I tell you a mini story?

Ok, so about 2 years ago I was speaking with this woman who wanted to work together on her business.

She said here was something HUGE stopping her though...

This part of her identity that she couldn't escape...

That would "obviously" ultimately prevent her from being successful >>

"What is it?" I asked...

"I'm....LAZY" she said in a joking but also serious way and started to laugh.

I laughed right back with her before sharing a truth of my own:

"Girl....I'm lazy too!"

We both began cracking up.

I'm not going to lie to you.

It's true!

Maybe you see some of what I put out on social media or follow a little about what I do.

Maybe it seems like the people you follow or run into on the socials or at networking events are always working/grinding/getting it DONE and even LOVING the process.

Like they're just that SORT of person.

Two things on this >>

1. I'm wayyyy more into figuring out ways to work smarter not harder. Although I've grown to realize I like times where I can be in motion, learning, growing, DOING...I also really, REALLY cherish the times where I am paused, reflecting, connecting, Netflixing. AND I like knowing that I can do that without worrying "is this taking away from me hitting my income goals? Growing my business?" What I've learned is: if the intention to grow is THERE, then taking time for myself actually adds to that intention. Yep, caring for YOU can help your biz grow too.

2. Let's get scientific. Our brain is designed -actually designed- to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So this lovely lady who told me she was lazy? She's so NOT alone!

Seeking pleasure and comfort is what humans are literally programmed to do. So, when it comes to the idea of change, even if people say that they WANT new results, they also are understandably pulled to stay exactly where they are. On the path they've been following. The one that currently feels good. The one that's currently the most comfortable.

I don't know about you, but for me, knowing the above is super reassuring.

It means there's nothing WRONG with you.

It means your mind is wired the way it's supposed to be!

And it means that getting the results you want can absolutely be available to you too without all the hustle (take if from me, someone who loves to LAZE)!

You just need to learn to make the change part more comfortable. Habitual.

Here's 2 Tips On How To Do It.

1. Recognize Your Thoughts

Know, and even expect to have those sneaky "WAIT STOP! You shouldn't do anything different today!" thoughts.
When you know this, the world becomes your oyster. Why? Because then you can anticipate those nagging thoughts telling you "not today" "you can't do it" "this is just the way you are" "you're not going to 'make it'" and say right back to them..."thanks for showing up, thoughts" I expected you. But, that doesn't mean I need to listen...."

2. Take Action Anyway

When you have those inevitable "WAIT STOP!" thoughts....take action anyway
. After you hear the above thoughts, do at least ONE action item in the direction of your choosing, ANYWAY. If you've been wanting to go on FB live for awhile, do the video. If you've been meaning to write down a process in your business to give to your assistant...carve out 10 minutes to write down the process. If you've wanted to have a conversation that you've been avoiding, write out why having it will be beneficial to you and to the other person. Expect the resistance. Thank it for showing up. Then do it anyway.

That's all for now you amazing soul!

Happy July to you and...


That’s all for now, boo! As always, in your corner

XOXO -Aliya

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